The Art of Self-Advocating:

5 Practical Pillars to Get What You Want... Now!

with Susie Moore and Amy Purdy

Connecting with your inner confidence can help you attract abundance, joy, and all of the secret desires you hold within you. What could you be missing out on right now without even realizing it?

Learn the confidence habits that will help you attract the abundance, love, and success that you want

Tuesday, July 9th
9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST / 2am AET (july 10th)

Susie Has Been Seen In

This is your invitation to get coached by me…

As a life coach who rose from the challenges of growing up in shelters on welfare, I’ve mastered the art of transforming lives with no formal qualifications, just real-life experience and a passion for people and making a difference.

Now, I’m here to share with you the essential steps to unlock your potential and embrace your true self.

Why? Because it's YOUR time to shine. My journey from an unknown life coach to generating well over $10 million showcases that with determination and the right guidance, anything is possible. I went from being overlooked to being a sought-after coach, all self-taught and without a single silver spoon.

And the best part? I'm here to guide you through this transformation, with strategies and insights honed from real-life experiences, not just textbook theories. You don’t need a prestigious background or anything else to achieve your version of greatness – and I’m here to show you how.

What they’re saying about Susie:

“Having a sense of meaning and purpose is key to a thriving life. Susie Moore not only helps you discover your own purpose, but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work.”

Arianna Huffington

Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global
“Part Shaman. Part Therapist. 100 percent Inspiration. Let go of doing things the hard way! If you have been ‘a struggler’ look no further than your heaven sent Master Teacher of Ease.”

Sheri Salata

Former Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and President of the OWN Network
“Susie Moore’s Let It Be Easy wisdom might change your life. It’s changed mine. Susie’s the real deal.”

Amy Purdy

3x Olympic Medallist and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Susie is amazing at teaching us to reframe our thoughts and find beliefs that are more true and helpful. The topics she covers are so relatable and the community she has created is supportive and loving.”

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman

Psychologist & Intimacy Coach
“Susie is unlike many life coaches I’ve seen because she shares common sense and simple tools that can be applied to get immediate change and results.”

Jackie Terribile

“Most people who give advice on this topic turn out to be broken inside. Meanwhile, Susie is the living embodiment of confidence, and the only person I’ll listen to about it. Susie’s the ultimate person to teach this. She’s shown me that confidence isn’t innate; it’s a choice. Better yet, an easy one.”

Laura Belgray

Co-Creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo
“There’s NO person better to show you how to become confident than Susie. She’s the real deal. No matter your background or beliefs or how low your self esteem, if you’re willing to trust her, she’ll show you just how self-assured and authentically yourself you can really be.”

Ruth Soukup

New York Times Bestselling Author

Who the heck is
Susie Moore?

Susie is the resident life coach for the world’s biggest health and wellness site for millennials, Greatist. She’s a sought-after life coach for media outlets and has been featured on the likes of the Today show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Business Insider, Forbes, Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.

Her work has also been shared by celebrities and thought leaders including Katie Couric, Arianna Huffington, Kris Jenner, Paulo Coelho, Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, Sara Blakely, Gay Hendricks and Steven Pressfield. She loves helping people amplify their confidence and live in alignment with their destiny.