Important question for anyone who doesn’t feel steady, inspired, and ALIVE on a daily basis:

What’s the difference between a life that feels like the night before a vacation: cheery, carefree, and full of bubbly anticipation for all the goodness ahead…

And one that’s more like a gray Tuesday morning when your alarm cuts through the stillness and your first thought is a stressful one?

You’ve made it!

You can watch the limited time webinar replay below and also hear all the juicy details about Self Coaching Society

(Don’t worry – this isn’t one of those webinars that’s just a giant sales pitch! It’s chocked full of value you can use whether or not you decide to join us!)

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There’s a simple answer to that question that anyone can apply to live a richly satisfying life.

It doesn’t take special skills, a certain personality type, or an extraordinary amount of money or resources.

…But you probably don’t really believe that, do you? 😉

I get it! That’s because you’re savvy. After all, if it were so simple to have an incredible life, why hasn’t everyone achieved it?

I know that your life might feel “OK”. I also know that there’s more for you. So why don’t we all wake up in the morning, excited for what the day has in store…

…And have our heads hit the pillow at night satisfied…content with the activities, people, and events that filled it?

If you’re like most self-help-curious people

You started your journey with stars in your eyes — exhilarated for the happiness and abundance that was promised was just around the corner.

Maybe you made the vision boards, wrote in your journal, chanted “I’m hot, happy, and wealthy!” in front of the mirror.

Maybe you followed a morning routine, one that was “guaranteed” to revolutionize your entire day and set you up for boundless energy, success, and good vibes.

Maybe you even hired a life coach to help you bust through your blocks, discover your purpose, and rewrite your future.

…And then did a juice cleanse and some cryotherapy, just for good measure.

You were READY. You believed change was possible. You knew you could be the next success story of someone who transformed their life beyond their biggest dreams.

And you weren’t dreaming of worldwide fame, more Birkin bags than a Kardashian, or a butler named Jeeves to bring you cappuccinos in bed.

You just wanted to feel peace (and exhilaration!) on a daily basis. To do meaningful work. To feel like you’re making good decisions. That you’re on the right path. To have a circle of loving people around you. …And maybe to treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous shoes, a lovely lunch out with yourself, and trips to beautiful places once in a while. Hey – you’re supposed to experience pings of euphoria about YOUR LIFE!

But those aren’t quite the results you achieved, am I right?

No amount of staring at your vision board made any of it come to life. Talking to yourself in the mirror just reminded you that you didn’t feel hot, happy, or wealthy. The only thing your morning routine gave you was an hour’s less sleep.

You wanted your coach to tell you exactly what to do to achieve your goals. Instead, you got a yes-(wo)man who encouraged you, but you never made real headway towards your big dreams.

And as you look at your vision board and realize none of it’s materialized, you’re starting to seriously doubt your dreams are achievable. Maybe an easy, vibrant life just isn’t in the cards for someone like you. And you think maybe you should quit wasting your time and just accept that life’s as good as it’s gonna get.

If ANY of this sounds familiar…

If you know that your life isn’t as exciting as it could be but you can’t seem to bridge the gap…

If you’ve tried reading self-help books and attending workshops but still know there’s more for you…

Then keep reading…

Because what you’re about to discover could be the moment when everything starts to change — the one you’ll look back on a few weeks from now when you wake up in the morning, feeling different. Feeling full of anticipation for your future.

You DESERVE to be excited for your life.

Joy is your birthright. And YOU are your greatest asset in making joy your reality.

And… you deserve a shortcut! You shouldn’t have to put in years of hard grind before you turn your life around. You deserve the fast track of powerful practices to get you big results on your busy schedule. (My forthcoming book is called Let It Be Easy for an important reason — we can all let life be easier!)

Over the past 8 years as a life coach, I’ve worked with thousands of people and shared my tips with the likes of Dr. Oz, the Today show, Cosmopolitan, and And over that time, I’ve developed a practical method to quickly and permanently fill your life with more ease, success, and meaning.

Learning to live your life on purpose with the three-phase method I’m about to show you, you’ll also be able to:

  • Jump from goal setting to taking action, so you create a snowball of pleasurable wins in your life faster than you currently believe
  • Stay positive, feel energized, and make progress towards what matters most no matter what happens in the outside world (hey, life “goes wrong” sometimes — I’ve got you)!
  • Drop the conditioning of who you’re “supposed to” be and change course to what aligns with who you really are ← especially important for serial people pleasers!
  • Be your own cheerleader, block out unhelpful negative feedback, and take constructive feedback in your stride
  • Live a lighter, less stressful life and allow blessings to come to you easily through practical manifesting
  • Trust yourself so that you can quickly make the right decision for you every time WITHOUT spending hours overthinking it (this is a *huge* productivity hack)!
  • Have closer relationships and attract the exact kind of people you love into your circle
  • Stop procrastinating and get major sh*t done!

All of these results are completely within your reach, whether this is your first dip into the personal development pool or you’ve been prioritizing self-growth for ages…

… Because your outcome depends on a results-oriented system, one that’s based on proven wellness practices and razor-sharp action steps, while avoiding well-meaning self-help distractions that feel good for a moment but don’t actually last.

…The same system underpinning everything from my multi-seven-figure a year business and global media features, to my loving marriage and inspiring network of friends…despite being a welfare girl from a small town in England with no college degree or connections in America.


One that you’ll tell your friends about when, weeks from now, they ask why your life suddenly looks so much better, more productive, and way more fun. They’ll want to know your secret!

I can’t wait to introduce you to my signature system to let your life unfold in the way you’ve always wanted…

But before we do, we need to discuss the elephant in the room…

3 common reasons that life can rarely feel more than “good enough”

Life’s hit you hard.

Maybe you have a problem with control because of your chaotic family life. Maybe you can’t trust because you dated someone who hurt you. Maybe you feel invisible or sad because you’re getting older in a society that prizes youth.

And maybe you think that means you’re not destined for a fulfilling, easy, fun life.

As a kid who grew up in women’s shelters and on welfare, I empathize with your hardship. So I say the following with so much love…

You are NOT the result of what happens to you. You are the result of what you do with it.

The outside world will disappoint you sometimes. You can’t control that. But what you can control is what you make it mean to your life. And your response will always determine what happens next.

You have so much POWER!

A therapist might keep you in the chair for 15 years, discussing every way life has been unfair and how it’s shaped you. And hey, therapy is great.

But you can also choose to get off the couch. You can learn simple practices to respond in a way that brings you a quiet steadiness, no matter what’s happening in the outside world. You tap into this inner strength that’s been there all along but overlooked by you, without you even knowing it.

You think hard work = success
(and success = lots of hard work)

That’s the line we’ve been fed since school, right? But if hard work equals success, wouldn’t everyone who works hard have a lot more to show for it?

So many of us hold off on going after our dreams because we think it will be hard to achieve them. We don’t start that business, join that dating site, or build that dream house because we think it’s going to be a long, difficult journey to the end goal.

When you focus entirely on hard work, you miss the most important piece of success: the allowing.

Think about Richard Branson and Oprah. They’re wildly successful, right? Yet their work projects are a pleasure to them; they’re not working until their eyes bleed. It’s opposite to what we’ve been taught… but having fun and feeling good is a HUGE success tool!

And honestly? This is my magic. People come to me for the FUN way to get killer results. I specialize in shortcuts and easy hacks to attract more of the good stuff into your life, quickly and easily.

Because success can be about hustle and stress. Or…you can allow an easier, more joyful way. But one thing’s for sure, exhausting yourself is NOT a prerequisite for a satisfying life. Not in the slightest.

You think it’s all about feeling good… and then forget to take action

Personal development often focuses solely on the feel-good, woo-woo stuff. It can completely overlook the practical steps required to produce tangible results.

Personal development gets an A+ for the vision boards, the Law of Attraction, the crystals. And I LOVE all that stuff! But let’s be real: No amount of visualizing, manifesting, or crystals alone is gonna convince your jerk of a boss to give you a promotion. If you want real results, you need to go a little further (and this is where it gets fun).

As someone who’s helped build three Silicon Valley startups, plus my multi-seven-figure coaching business, I specialize in getting results. I’ve learned so much from “harder” fields like productivity, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. And traditional self-help and coaching don’t incorporate these practical strategies nearly enough.

The feel-good piece is important — but there’s one more step: your active participation in manifesting your beautiful blessings. That’s the delicious blend that’s required to produce a satisfying life.

When you add strategic action steps on top of your good feelings, it’s incredible how fast your life will change. Plus, there are tons of ways to fast-track your results using techniques from these data-backed fields. (I’ve built a career on shortcuts, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating my way through with my hacks! 💁‍♀️) So it doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming to see major results with your goals. << maybe read that again!

So what does it really take to create a richly satisfying life? Lucky for us, it all comes down to a super simple, practical, and FUN three-phase method…

Who am I to tell you all this?

Hi, I’m Susie Moore.

And when I’m not sipping iced coffee in the Miami sunshine with my husband Heath and Yorkie Coconut, I’m a life coach, bestselling author, and wellness writer who’s been featured in Oprah magazine, Dr. Oz, the Today show, Well+Good, Cosmo, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Good Morning America. I’m also the resident life coaching columnist for Greatist, the #1 health and wellness site for millenials..

I want to be upfront that I’m NOT:

  • A “work ’til your eyes bleed!” hustle pusher
  • A coach who specializes in processing trauma and emotional hardship
  • A devotee of any particular guru or method that exists

I’m just obsessed with getting big results… the fun and easy way. I’m a rare blend of woo-woo (I’m all about dreaming big and manifesting) AND super practical (I’m also about proven action steps). This combo helped me achieve a $500K/year corporate career, help build 3 Silicon Valley startups (all of which were sold), and start a multi-seven-figure coaching business…all without taking life too seriously or sacrificing my daily crime show obsession.

Most important thing for you to know about me? There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t have achieved any of it. I don’t have a college degree. No fancy credentials. I didn’t have a single connection when I moved to the U.S. I grew up with nothing, shared between four sisters and a single mum, often showing up at school wearing my classmates’ hand-me-downs. I lost my dad to addiction at age 19. I was divorced by 23. I’ve been through some tough stuff, probably just like you. (There’s no suffering hierarchy — we’ve all experienced some.)

Any one of those things could’ve held me back. But I was lucky enough to find my first self-help book at age 15 that taught me that achieving my dreams began and ended with my mind. And after reading over 600 self-help books since then, and helping thousands of clients and students create tangible results in their lives, here’s the reality I know to be true:

Every person on Earth can live a richly satisfying life, no matter what “limitations” they’re believing in.

And if you’ll let me, I’ll help you do just that.

“If you’re reading this right now, then you might be wondering if Susie really is as funny, insightful, and positive as she appears online. And the truth is? She’s even better.

Susie is the rare type of human who transforms every room she walks into; her confidence and exuberance are palpable. But Susie doesn’t stop at being the life of any party — she’s also an incredible life coach who has effortlessly guided me through challenging life experiences.

She always seems to know the most loving, wise, and empowering thing to say to help me move past any personal issue. There’s no way you won’t feel more confident and joyful just by being in her presence. Don’t hesitate to learn from her — it will change your life for the better.”

Melyssa Griffin



The results-oriented AND feel-good monthly coaching community to help you lose your limits, pinpoint your dreams and passions, and take strategic action to experience what you want most in life.

I’ve spent the last 8 years as a life coach working with clients who:

Struggle to make peace with themselves and feel consistent, authentic confidence, no matter how many motivational quotes they save in their Instagram library.

Are tired of feeling like life’s just “fine”, living life in 2D when they know it’s meant to be in exciting, vivid-color 3D.

Read loads of self-help books and attend workshops, yet still can’t create exciting, long-term change in their lives.

…But who also know that life can be so much more than they’re seeing now…so they’re motivated to finally turn the corner and become the person they truly are (without the “life is hard” noise dragging them down).

The result is my easy-to-follow three-phase Mind Motor Method to overcome limiting beliefs, hardwire your brain for success, and take inspired action to build a life that you’re delighted to wake up to every morning.

Webinar replay and enrollment ends in:

Phase 1 – Retrain

Rewire your thoughts to attract the life you want

I spent over 10 years working in corporate advertising so I know this truth well: our society reinforces a lot of inaccurate thought patterns.

The thousands of messages you receive every day are designed to make you think you’re not good enough, that you need more to be happy, etc. — all so businesses can capitalize on those feelings of inadequacy to sell you things. It’s a major reason why more people are depressed and anxious than ever before. We’re surrounded by “I am not enough” and “I don’t have enough” messages! They’re everywhere.

But neuroscience (and real-life transformations) shows us that the brain is flexible and even ingrained thought patterns can be changed… which is so amazing! It means you can retrain your thinking so that possibility thinking, joy, confidence, positivity, and opportunity-spotting become your new default settings — rather than the settings of fear, lack, and inadequacy that guide most people’s lives.

It’s time to be kind to your mind — and reap the rewards!

When you upgrade your thought patterns, you’ll a) feel more powerful, fulfilled, and confident on a daily basis, b) notice all the opportunities around you that you might’ve been missing without realizing it, and c) start experiencing more of the things that you most want to be, do, and have. Talk about regret-proofing your life!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • With proven strategies to upgrade your thoughts: Your thoughts are the root of EVERYTHING — they determine your emotions, your actions, your experience here on Planet Earth. So we’re going to choose better ones! You’ll use proven techniques to create new brain connections to automatically see the world — and yourself — differently. That’s the first step to feeling powerful and motivated daily and recognizing all the hidden opportunities around you so that you can let them in!
  • Monthly focus areas: Most coaching is broad and general, which is why many people don’t see real change. Instead, we’ll get specific and upgrade your thoughts in ONE key area every month. Instead of moving an inch in a million directions (where you won’t see tangible results), you’ll apply hyper-targeted practices to move a mile in one direction each month. These skills will last you for the rest of your life (even better than a designer watch or bag, my friend)!
  • Clear positive vision: You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want! You’ll define “success” in every area of your life and create a clear picture of what that looks like for you. You’ll focus your brain on what to pay attention to, so you’ll notice when those people and opportunities come into your life (and you’ll be amazed how fast they do!)

Phase 2 – Attain

Bridge the gap between goal-setting and meaningful results

For self-help to be effective, you need to take inspired ACTION to bring your vision to life.

Because this step is hard for most people, we’ll make taking action easy (and fun)! Each month, you’ll get specific action steps, designed to move you forward in the month’s key focus area. You’ll create your personal success path.

You won’t waste hours wondering how to apply what you’re learning to get results. You’ll use your time like a boss, by jumping straight into the clear tasks that make REAL progress.

I know that taking action can feel scary sometimes. So I’ll bring in my life coaching tricks and signature “let it be easy” hacks to make you feel empowered, confident, truly unafraid to do the things to get what you want.

Here’s how you’ll start taking aligned action to get results fast:

  • Targeted monthly action steps, from “the queen of getting sh*t done”: (Yep, that’s what Well+Good called me!) Your life’s busy, right? So there’s no time to waste. Each month, we’ll discuss ultra-specific action items to apply what you learn to create real, tangible results in your life. We’ll skip the fluff and focus only on the handful of power moves that get big results, fast.
  • An action plan that makes the most of your time: Each month, you’ll get a workbook detailing the action items that will produce undeniable results in your life. There’s never any confusion about exactly what you should be working on so you won’t waste time with fluff, overthinking, or non-result-producing activities.
  • Practical life coaching tricks to get it done: Taking action can feel uncomfortable. So I’ll help you do it WITHOUT feeling so afraid and stressed out. My specialty is helping people feel empowered, confident, and excited to take bold action. I’ll share my methods to coach yourself into feeling strong and powerful while working through your to-do list. With these tricks, you won’t feel afraid to make even the ballsiest of power moves.

Phase 3 – Maintain

Create long-term change by feeding your mind the good stuff

You’re not looking for a short-term burst of positive results. I mean, that’s nice. But you want a satisfying, ease-filled, and fun life…for life, right?

Your mind and soul need fresh, inspiring content to keep you thinking, acting, and feeling …

Plants need sunshine to keep growing, otherwise they wither and die. And your mind and soul need fresh, inspiring content to keep you thinking, acting, and feeling in a way that makes you absolutely love your life. Put yourself in the way of this every month with me!

Ongoing focus is THE most undervalued and overlooked step to continual success. Self-development isn’t a one-and-done thing. Building a life that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning is an ongoing process, not an event.

Luckily, it’s easy to keep your Mind Motor sharp each month. Here’s how:

  • My top picks to stoke your inspirational fire: I read all the books and do all of the research for you…and I pass on only the very best so you don’t waste your time with empty calories of the self-help world.
  • Fun featured experts: I love sharing good people with good people! You’ll enjoy relaxed guest interviews with leaders in the wellness space, along with experts in finance, relationships, psychology, business, and many, many more. Listening to inspiring success stories (along with their insider tips, because you know I want their secret shortcuts!) is perfect fuel to keep your inner fire burning strong. *Also: celebrity alert!*
  • Coaching on your specific issues: You’ve been living with your current thought and action patterns for decades. So as you apply these techniques, questions or hurdles are bound to come up. During our live monthly Q&A sessions, you can get personalized advice from me to overcome your challenges and come back to yourself and the possibilities of your life. You’ll also have our private Slack community to get fresh feedback and inspiration from guest experts and other members, too.

Exactly what’s included inside of
Self-Coaching Society?

Each month inside Self-Coaching Society, we’ll focus on a different topic. Here are just a few sample month topics to get your motor running:

  • Secrets to unshakeable self-confidence using my self-coaching method
  • How to overcome procrastination, stop overthinking, and start doing more
  • Becoming a manifesting master to let life be easy!
  • Building deeper friendships, being more open, and having hard conversations (while staying on great terms)
  • The ultimate wealth mindset to have a BFF relationship with money
  • Aligning with your spouse/partner on life goals
  • Feel-good boundary-setting to protect your peace in tricky or difficult relationships
  • Managing anxiety and worrying less
  • Becoming more resilient (I call this being “rejection-proof”)
  • Dialing up your personal magnetism and charisma
  • Achieving a satisfying work/life balance that fits your unique rhythms
  • Finding a career or starting a business you love

Every month inside Self-Coaching Society, you’ll receive:

Video Training

Video trainings to upgrade your thinking and align your actions in a specific area of your life — so each month, you’ll move a mile in one direction, rather than an inch in a hundred directions


Targeted action steps in a super clear workbook — to apply what you learn to GET REAL RESULTS without wasting time, falling for distractions, or endlessly overthinking what to do

Live Q&A

Two Live Q&A with me every month to get personalized support and feedback — to quickly unblock you, strategize on specific issues, and get on the path of taking action and stacking your wins. My 1:1 coaching is no longer for sale — this is the closest thing to me as your life coach and confidante!


Interactive community to share wins, get feedback on questions, and make meaningful friendships that go way beyond surface-level… directly into the membership portal, without getting sucked into the time vortex of a Facebook group!

Plus, you’ll get:

  • Confidence-building techniques pulled from the fields of life coaching and behavioral psychology to become your own biggest cheerleader
  • Hit list of fresh inspiration — videos, books, podcasts, TED talks (and more!) to keep you high-vibe and motivated. What I’m reading and tuning into that’s worth it — you’re the first to know!
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes trainings (these are life-changing!)
  • Fun featured experts sharing proven real-world tips — to get juicy insider shortcuts and tricks from the real experts, to help you find the easy way)

I want to make this clear up front!
This membership will work for if you if believe:

  • The universe is FOR you, not against you
  • That self reliance matters – only you are responsible for your life and wellbeing

In short…

You’ll learn how to subjectively feel happier on the inside…

No matter what’s going on in the outside world. (So you’ll always have the inner strength and tools to find peace and happiness in yourself, no matter what.)

AND you’ll learn how to objectively improve your life on the outside…

By taking targeted action steps towards what’s most important and meaningful for you. (So you’ll have tangible things in your life that fuel even more happiness and peace… this is the kinda vicious circle you want!!)

Self-Coaching Society is the closest thing to having me as your life coach. You’ll access the same proven practices, focused action plans, personalized feedback, and huge dose of inspiration I’d share with you as a private client…but you’ll pay about 99% less.


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Webinar replay and enrollment ends in:

The magic spot where mindset and science overlap

I love me some feel-good vibes. But the only reason I’ve achieved such a satisfying life is because of my practical, action-taking side. Above all else, I’m focused on I-can-see-it-now RESULTS.

So here’s why mindset is still so important for those of us obsessed with serious results:

You’re exposed to millions of stimuli at every moment. The feel of clothes on your skin, the temperature of the room, the ticking of the clock, the smell of coffee brewing, the hum of the fridge, the breathing of your dog…if you experienced it all at once, you wouldn’t be able to do a thing. It’d be too much to process.

So a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) does some clever filtering. It decides what’s most relevant for you and brings only the things it deems “important” into your awareness. The rest? Might as well be invisible, you don’t even notice. (Like I bet you didn’t notice how your clothes felt on your skin until you read the previous paragraph, right?)

Here’s the limitation that brings you…

Our brains evolved to help us survive. So left to its own devices, your brain only makes you aware of things that help you survive — staying alive, keeping your job, putting food on the table, etc. And unless you tell it otherwise, this is where your brain will stop.

It’ll ignore all the stimuli that can help you THRIVE and create a future based only on what your past has deemed important so far. That means your future will look a lot like your past…until you introduce new important desires to your consciousness.

Luckily, there are two simple (and proven!) ways to reprogram your brain to help you thrive…


Visualizing what you want is a powerful method to tell your brain what’s most important. Once it has a clear vision of the important things to help you thrive, it’ll make you aware when they show up in your environment. (Whereas right now, it’s filtering them out.)

This is like when you buy a Prius and suddenly start seeing Priuses everywhere. It’s not the world around you that’s changed…but what your brain notices! When you visualize, you’ll start seeing people and opportunities you would have missed if your brain was focused solely on survival.

Visualizing also creates new neural pathways in your brain, because it can’t really differentiate between a visualization and what’s actually happening. The research here is so wild…

A University of Chicago study found that basketball players who VISUALIZED making free throws improved almost as much (23% vs. 24%) as players who actually PRACTICED free throws for one hour per day. Their brains created the neural pathways for making free throws even though they didn’t physically practice…how crazy is that?!! Professional athletes have been using visualization for decades…not because it’s woo-woo but because it seriously works.

So when you visualize what you want, your brain thinks you truly ARE:

  • Captivating the entire room with your sparkling wit
  • Winning over your boss and earning that big promotion
  • Experiencing a deeply loving partnership with your spouse
  • (Plus whatever other wonderful things you envision yourself doing!)

Just like the athletes who visualized free throws, this creates new connections in your brain. And those new neural pathways help you start automatically showing up as if you already are the person you want to be…which is sheer magic.

Possibility tapping

There’s a lot of science studying the connection between thoughts, language, and behavior…and how we can change our words to achieve our goals.

Your mind and body respond totally differently to a thought like, “Gahhh there’s no way in hell I can do this!” than one such as, “This is challenging but I’ve gotten through something similar before.”

And the good news: it’s 100% within your control to fill your mind with truths like the second statement. When you mindfully choose to speak empowering words to yourself, you change how you view situations and show up in the world.

And words affect physical reality, too (this one’s kind of unbelievable!)…

Dr. Masaru Emoto explored how language affects the physical structure of water molecules. To some glasses of water, he repeated uplifting words like, “love,” “peace,” and “thank you.” To others, he spoke negative words such as, “evil” and “you disgust me.”

Then he froze the water and looked at the molecules under a microscope…and saw completely different structures in the two groups! The water molecules where positive words were spoken looked almost like snowflakes, with beautiful crystalline patterns. The negative word group produced blotchy and distorted crystal formations. This important study shows that words don’t just affect how we feel, they have the power to literally change the physical world.

I could go down this rabbit hole for hours but I’ll spare you! There’s serious science showing that the words we use and the visualizations we imagine change our realities. YOU are your greatest asset to achieve a richly satisfying life.

That’s why I focus so much on what you’re envisioning and how you’re talking to yourself inside of Self-Coaching Society. They’re the best methods to get your mind out of survival mode and into thrive mode, which is where it needs to be to attract and go after the life you’re dreaming of.


Enroll Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Self-Coaching Society over the million other life coaching programs out there?

K, I’m gonna be kinda bold in saying this…but this membership is way more fun than anything else out there. 💁‍♀️

People come to me for the easy and fun way of doing things. I don’t believe hard work = success (or that success has to be particularly hard work), yet I still get pretty sweet results.

If you want PR, for example, you could hire a fancy publicist, spend thousands in retainer fees, create a media kit, pay a platform to feature you…OR you could do it the Susie way and email an editor at Marie Claire with a simple pitch (how I landed my first paid article in a major magazine.)

If you want to start a business, you could earn a degree in a new subject, network like crazy, spend months creating the perfect logo and website, get professional headshots taken…OR you could do it the Susie way and call a few people asking who needs a life coach (how I started my seven-figure business for $0.)

If you want to feel happier and let go of emotional baggage, you could spend years in therapy, rehashing every crappy thing that (rightfully) makes your soul hurt, confronting demons in your past and present…OR you could do it the Susie way and use simple daily practices to retrain your brain to focus on the possibilities and options before you (how I enjoy life even though I grew up on welfare and in women’s shelters, lost my dad to addiction, and was divorced at 23.)

The whole reason what I teach works is because I make it light and fun. Humans naturally don’t want to do things that are super hard. I mean, when’s the last time you had to try to watch Netflix or eat pizza? Never! Because those things are easy and fun so you WANT to do them.

It’s the same with this membership. I take stuffy self-help, behavioral and neuroscience research, and boring productivity systems and make it fun so you actually want to do this stuff. That’s why my members and clients get such stellar results! The world can be your playground.

Did your parents ever tell you “we can do this the easy way or the hard way?” Self-Coaching Society is like the former. You’ll get the same outcome, even better in many cases, than you would with other militant coaching programs. But it’ll be way more easy and fun.

I want to do this but I’m already so busy. How will I find the time?

Oh, I hear you on this! Back in my corporate career (especially when I was juggling a side hustle!) I had to focus to succeed at it all. I know you’re busy with life, too. I’ve factored that into the membership…

As part of Self-Coaching Society, you’ll get super clear on what you want from your life. This clarity is life-changing when it comes to prioritizing your time! Many people free up hours each month by cutting out things that don’t fill them with joy, purpose, and excitement. So just by getting clear on your vision, you’ll likely find ways to free up space in your schedule. Quick win!

The key with Self-Coaching Society is that it’s results-oriented. You’ll feel empowered as a member…but we’ll also channel those good feelings towards producing real-world results. I make sure every minute you spend with me is directly tied to a tangible outcome in your life.

I’m also obsessed with shortcuts and the “easy way”. Self-Coaching Society is packed with insider tricks to get what you want fast, without wasting your limited time and energy on things that don’t matter.

And finally, I’ve found one of the biggest time-sucks is second-guessing yourself, which is related to low confidence. When you’re empowered, you move way faster than when you’re not feeling good enough. Clients say part of my magic is helping them feel worthy and sure of themselves so they can tackle their to-do lists way more efficiently. I bet you’ll be getting more done solely because of the newfound confidence you feel as a result of working together.

Okay let’s be real here: I’m not educated / charismatic / young / connected / beautiful / well-off enough and I KNOW that’s gonna hold me back (it has before). How will I overcome those setbacks and get results?

Here’s the truth:

A joyful life isn’t just for the charming, rich, Harvard grads of the world. (Although I get why it seems that way sometimes.) It’s for EVERYONE.

But if you think having gray hair will hold you back, it will. If you think not graduating from college will hold you back, it will. If you think not knowing a single person in the room will hold you back, it will. But here’s the cool thing about that…

The reverse is also true. So if you believe those things won’t hold you back, they totally won’t! As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40. Walt Disney filed for bankruptcy and started the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio with a family loan. Supermodel Winnie Harlow became a success because of her skin pigment condition, vitiligo. I have a seven-figure business, for goodness sake, and I don’t even have a college education!

You can do ANYTHING, my love. You can design what you want to perfectly fit who you are. There are no limitations.

So if you’re worried about something in you that’s “not enough,” Self-Coaching Society is made to be in your life! Because when you retrain your mind to think differently (as you will inside Self-Coaching Society) you won’t see the same limitations anymore. You’ll be too busy going all-in on your strengths.

How is this different from other self-help things I’ve already tried that didn’t work?

I’ve personally read over 600 self-help books…not all of them good. So I know where you’re coming from! And the fact is, not all self-help leads to lasting change.

Most self-help is heavy on the woo-woo spiritual stuff: the vision boards, the mantras, the dreaming. And that’s great! It’s vital to have a clear vision and good feelings if you want to improve your life. But it’s missing three key areas…

1) SPECIFIC advice to create tangible change

2) Clear ACTION STEPS (with a cheeky shortcut or two) to generate fast results

3) ONGOING METHODS to continue improving your life in the long-term

You need all 3 of those combined with the initial burst of good feelings to get results…that’s the magic combo! And that’s exactly what you get with Self-Coaching Society.

This is a results-oriented membership. Everything you’ll do — from reprogramming your thinking to taking bold action to filling your mind with the best content that exists in the world so far — is designed to produce tangible results. I mean – the stuff that other people actually see too, and comment on!

Unlike traditional self-help that’s focused on how you feel, we give just as much weight to what’s showing up in your life. So you won’t have to wonder if it’s working; you’ll KNOW it is just by looking around at all you’ll achieve (get ready to take your “before” pic now)!

And remember, we’ve got a super easy cancellation policy. So if you’re not getting results, you can cancel your membership at any time. You’re not locked into anything. So you’re always in control!

Can you remind me of what I’m getting when I join today?

Of course! Every month inside Self-Coaching Society, you’ll receive:

  • An in-depth video training to align your actions with improved thinking in a specific area of your life— so each month, you’ll move a mile in one direction, rather than an inch in a hundred directions. Each month, there will be an even newer you!
  • Targeted action steps in a super clear workbook — to apply what you learn to GET REAL RESULTS without wasting time, falling for distractions, or endlessly overthinking what to do
  • Liva Q&A with me to get personalized support and feedback — to quickly unblock you, strategize on specific issues, and get on the path of taking action and stacking your wins


  • Confidence-building techniques pulled from the fields of life coaching and behavioral psychology to become your own biggest and best life coach
  • Fun featured experts sprinkled in throughout the year — sharing proven real-world tips, to get juicy insider shortcuts and tricks from the real experts (to help you find the easy way)
  • Hit list of fresh inspiration — videos, books, podcasts, TED talks, and more to keep you high-vibe and motivated. I don’t share this anywhere else! It’s hot off the press.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes trainings (nothing like these exist anywhere else!)

Interactive Slack community to share wins, get feedback on questions, and make meaningful friendships that go way beyond surface-level…without getting sucked into the time vortex of a Facebook group

One last bit of free life coaching…

At this point, you already know the simple difference between a life that feels like the easy anticipation of a night before vacation and one that feels like a drag really comes down to three steps…

Reprogramming your THINKING and rewiring your brain — through proven visualization, conscious thought choosing, and possibility tapping exercises…

Powerful ACTION — focusing on only the most powerful tasks that move the needle of your life in a meaningful way…

And inspired FEELINGS — that keep your energy and mindset on the path of growth, vibrance, and ever more ease, enjoyment, and fun.

And if you’re still with me, I want to tie a bow on this convo with some of my Susie signature tough love…

Every day, people receive news that changes their lives — a medical diagnosis, a tragic accident, a loss of something they thought they’d have forever.

Didn’t expect the perky blonde to go dark on you, right? 😜 But this is the essential truth of life, my love! And it’s important for all of us to face it.

Most of us live like we’ll always have tomorrow, putting off the things we really want to do, say, feel, make, BE until someday. But here’s the unfair reality: “someday” isn’t guaranteed. Ever.

The only guarantee is that your life is happening right now. That’s why there will never be a better moment to get serious about building a life you’re obsessed with. Not tomorrow, not next year, not when you lose 15 pounds and get that promotion. NOW.

With the low price of this membership, wouldn’t you rather see what it’s like to master the motor of your mind and change your life…rather than risk missing out on all the amazing things in store for you (that you didn’t even realize were possible)?

This is your invitation to join me to close the gap between big dreaming and big results.

This can be the moment you look back on, months from now, when you realize it all started to change. Your goals, your emotions, your outcomes, your attitude, your life — everything fell into alignment once you combined the right thinking with the right actions and the right mental fuel.

Most people reading this will think about it, leave the tab open on their phone for a few days, then get distracted and forget all about it. But that’s not you, right?

I encourage you to make a choice — right here, right now — about what action you want to take next. Experience shows us that “later” means “never” pretty fast.

YOU are your greatest asset. And there will never be a better moment than now to start harnessing all the potential your life has to offer!

If you’re ready, I can’t wait to join you in Self-Coaching Society as you change the course of your life towards more purpose, more joy, and more ease.


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